Saturday, July 25, 2009

Heaps of threats found on my C: and D: drives! Oh wait, I'm not runningWindows

I have recently been working on Rogue AVs and there's one that made me chuckle.

Rogue website: zocleaner(dot)com

zocleaner scan

Visiting the rogue website warned me that my computer is infected and then it started scanning my computer as shown above. The image above was being displayed on my browser and was telling me that it had found heaps of threats already!

Clearly the rogue site was trying to fool me into thinking that my computer is infected. Duh! I wasn't even running Windows!

Downloading and installing the rogue application on a test machine gave me the usual outrageous scan results:

System Security

I advise everyone to be vigilant. People behind these rogue apps are out there to rip us off.

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